Reactions of speech on Mind.  
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You must have heard or observed yourself that people at times go by  their names.This is to say that people are affected by their names and sometimes behave according to their respective names.

Natural observations prove that due to repeatitive usage of the same word like one own name causes reactions in the mind and make us behave likewise.
For eg.A person whose name  means victory always has an inclination to win.People with names which mean life are found to be closer to living beings.

Even while speaking people are reacting to many of the words they speak.One must be wondering how then a person can behave normal if such is the case.For that
we also have a conciousness which decides what is right and wrong.Therefore even if we react to any of the words our conciousness helps us detect any erronous behaviour or decision taken by us.
But there are times when word reactions overpower the conciousness and we behave according to our speech.

Therefore it is important that we speak a good language,have good names and good thinking as well.
All such speech which is negative should be avoided.Name or even petnames which have a negative meaning should be changed into good ones.Good positive yhinking should be promoted in oneself.A strong conciousness should be built which knows what is right and what is wrong.

One easy method to improve one's personatlity is to give onself compliments everyday.These would react on mind and make us better human beings.
This research is being reveiwed finally.
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